Why did your chair just vibrate?

So this morning, I left the house with a Bluetooth headset for my phone.  I frequently lose it, which is irritating, so I acquired another one.

Recently, I lost them both.  My wife found one of them in the yard the other day.  I have no idea how it got there.  That’s the one I had when I left this morning.

Getting into my car, I found the other missing one and put it in my pocket.

While both of them were missing Woot was selling two of them for $19.99.  I decided that was a pretty good price, so I bought them.  Today, with two of them in my pocket, I get to my desk to find that Woot had delivered them.  I now have four Bluetooth headsets jammed in my pocket.

Even better: After I’d paired my phone with all four of them and turned them off, my phone rang.  One of the headsets had pushed up against the others and turned itself on.  Like and idiot, I had to listen to each one, one-by-one to find the caller.

“Hello?  Nope.  Hello?  Nope.  Hello?  Nope.”

How do you explain that to the person on the other end?

Want more?  Both the new headsets and the phone vibrate when I get a call.  I had to pick myself up off the ground after that first call.  I’m going to have to buy a strap or something just to keep myself in the chair.

Technology.  Good times.

5 responses to “Why did your chair just vibrate?”

  1. It was me who left the previous comment, not Beth- don’t know how her name automatically filled it self in, especially when I’m writing from my laptop!

  2. I am laughing so hard. Paul, I can actually see you being vibrated right out of your chair. Do you think you can get a head strap like for glasses when you play sports only this one would be for a Bluetooth? It might be a money-making invention – jazzy colors, interchangeable straps to match your shirt, maybe even a snap-back string attached to the phone that clips to your shirt for when it falls off your ear. You could market this thing!