What time is it?

So last week, we’re sitting in church and they announce, “be sure to set your clocks ahead an hour next week Saturday night!”

…turns out the whole time-change thing isn’t until next week. So I’m wondering: how many people are going to end up going to church this Easter at the wrong time because of last week’s mistaken announcement. I’m tempted to go to church an hour early just to see who shows up at the wrong time… but that means I’d have to get up early. Just thinking about it makes me have to pee.

What’s with this whole time-change thing anyway? Places in Indiana don’t have to do the time change. Somebody did something right there. Why do the rest of us have to endure this major inconvenience every year and mess with our sleep schedules? What a pain.

Maybe someday we’ll be free from the tyranny of daylight savings.