What a morning

I woke up this morning very sleepy for my 7:00am business networking meeting. For those of you who know me well, mornings are not my “thang.”

I flopped myself out of bed about 10 minutes after the alarm went off, tripped over Lenny The Cat on my way to the bathroom and proceeded to perform my morning ritual.

Normally, that means turning on the shower and shaving while the water heats up.

This morning’s activities were no different:

1.) Walk in bathroom with today’s clothes in hand

2.) Drop clothes on floor, scaring Lenny out of the bathroom

3.) Turn on shower to mid-heat

4.) Pull cordless razor out of cupboard

5.) Take cap off razor, being careful not to drop cap or razor into toilet.

6.) Begin shaving with razor

The difference in today’s ritual is the addition of steps 7 and 8:

7.) Notice that chin feels moist

8.) Look down to realize that I am shaving with my deoderant… not my razor

What’s it all mean? It means that the sweatier my chin gets, the better I’m going to smell today.

…Sure. Laugh it up. You laugh now, but when I walk past you with those fine smells comin’ off my sweaty chin, you’ll thank me.

3 responses to “What a morning”

  1. you know, this isn’t funny. Aveda creates a hair gel (product) that appears like a stick of deoderant and needless to say- i ahd a morning like that. My hair smelled good (deoderant) and didn’t really look that good and my armpits had a very flow to them. The hair stayed right where they should have- I guess.

    So lesson here…

    I am not sure other than deoderant really has alot of applications.