Weekend at the Bowden’s Cabin

This weekend, Natalie and I spent some time up North by Traverse City in an incredible cabin.

Let me first introduce you to the cast: Josh & Shelby with small son, Noah; McKeel & Angelene with small daughter, Aletheia (or “Theia” for short); Natalie and myself.  The point was to go, relax and celebrate Josh, McKeel and Natalie’s October birthdays.

Riding the coat-tails of the GCI annual conference and my laptop crashing twice, this week, yuEnvision launched a new site for Medical Management Specialists. The process went well, but because there were so many people involved with the launch itself, things were a little bumpy at the end. By the end of the week, I was really feeling ready for a relaxing weekend.

…and relax I did.

Ever have one of those weekends where things just melt away?  …the kind where you just forget yourself and let the stresses of the world drift into the back of your mind, refreshing your mind, soul and body?  Me neither.

…but this weekend was pretty darn close to that.

The night we got there, Kell, Jocko and I walked down to the pier and indulged ourselves in a good smoke.  They brought pipes.  I brought cigars made from pipe tobacco.  We sat, enjoyed the smells, listened to the water and vented about rough stuff we’ve had on our minds concerning work, politics, etc.

The stars that night were bright and beautiful.  Not quite bright enough to light the death-trap stairs we had to traverse up and down to the pier, but my handy-dandy mobile phone/flash light served us well in that no one broke their necks to or from our smokin’ spot.

The next day, we all woke up and had an amazing breakfast casserole, courtesy of Shelby, followed by birthday cake and presents.

The plan was to visit Traverse City too, but we were enjoying ourselves too much in the quiet secluded “cabin.” I say “cabin,” because it was a 5-bedroom/two bathroom house with a dining room, full-kitchen, living room, enclosed porch/family room, and partially finished basement.  The square footage was easily twice our house and its probably worth a good 15-20 times our home’s value.  I think we’re all getting a pretty good idea of what I’m talking about.  Some people call that a cabin… I call it a lodge resort.

After breakfast and presents, we all retreated to the living room to sit and encourage one another in a couple hours of sharing scripture with one another and praying over one another while sipping gourmet coffee.

Later that afternoon, a few of us wanted to swim in the lake.  I opted to cat-nap on the pier while listening to an audiobook.

That evening, the Bytwerks left early so they could make a couple of previous engagements.  We had pizza with the Bowdens and watched movies on my laptop.

Q :  Why on earth did you bring a LAPTOP to a weekend getaway?

A:  To watch movies.

Sunday, we took a walk in Traverse City to look at houses, ate some lunch and headed back home.

Now, as relaxing as all of that was, I was exhausted when I got back.  What the heck?  I spent the whole time relaxing and enjoying my time.  I expected to feel GREAT when I got back.

Having relaxed fun is exhausting, apparently.

Check out the pictures:


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