Last night when I got home, we watched some TV, had dinner, and I went on to do some work for a couple of hours.

I just recently got the Spiderman 2 game for Xbox and have been all excited about it without much time to put into it. It’s one of those addictive games that once you play for a few minutes, you’re hooked for a good hour or more.

…so I finish my work around 11pm and think, “well, maybe I’ll play some Spidey 2 for 20 minutes or so.” …you can see where I’m going with this. Around 1:30, I’m bleary-eyed and my throat hurts and I’m tearing myself away to go to bed because tomorrow’s a work-day.

7:30 comes around and my body is protesting, as are my wife and cat who don’t REALLY go to sleep until I do… because somehow our sleeping patterns are all tied together.

Needless to say, I’m pretty tired today. This is not a new condition for me, having stayed up too late, playing video games. Maybe not new, but also not recent. I haven’t played video games late into the night in about 6 months… about the last time I played Rainbow Six online.

…tonight I have more work to do. …I also just goto Otto Octavius’ house last night… They say “stupidity” is knowing what the right thing is to do and doing the opposite. I wonder what time I’ll go to bed tonight?

One response to “Tired”

  1. i beg to differ–the last time you stayed up too late playing video games, nathan was over during the blizzard of ’05.

    i was TRYING to sleep, but the subwoofer was booming through the walls–it was around 3 am when i finally asked you to turn it down…

    thankfully the next day was a snowday too…