The Smunday logic

I got home from church the other day and proceeded with my normal routine: check messages, lunch, change clothes, nap… in that order.

The funny thing that happened was that evening as I was getting ready for the next day. As I was folding my clothes, a thought went through my head, “why should I bother putting together a new outfit? No one from work has seen me wearing THIS one… I should just wear this again tomorrow.”

That’s what I call, “The Smunday logic.” The thing is: that wasn’t the first time I’ve pulled that trick. In fact, that’s a pretty regular habit of mine, provided I don’t have any of my work buddies over to visit on a Sunday night.

I’ve recently found that I’m not the ONLY one who performs this little ruise. In fact, to my surprise, there are a good number of people I know who do that.

The funny thing is how I come to know which people pull that little game. The conversation goes something like this:

“I like that shirt.”
“This? Oh. Thanks.”
“Did you wear it recently?”
“Uh. n-no… wait, yes. Why? Do I have a smudge?”
*puzzled look*
“I know the trick…. that’s your Smunday outfit.”

That’s one way the conversation goes. The other way is like this:

“I like that shirt.”
“This? Oh. Thanks.”
“Did you wear it recently?”
*puzzled look*

It’s a risky business, trying to determine the Smunday outfitters. A lot has to go on the line in the name of research.

Fortunately, I don’t apply the logic of the Smunday outfit to other areas in my life… say, for example, socks, undershirts, underpants, kleenex, toilet paper, motor oil, napkins, etc.

The Smunday logic is really a trait of a lazy guy… much like my blogging patterns.

Imagine me, someday as a father, applying Smunday logic to my kids:

“Hm… why should I change his diaper? He doesn’t seem to mind. The wife hasn’t seen that diaper on him yet, nor has anyone else. The box says, ‘up to 35 pounds.’ I bet he hasn’t even filled that thing up with 24 ounces yet. That one’s still got some life left in it.”

How about dishes?

“Why am I bothering to wash these? The wife’s out with the girls tonight… I ate dinner alone… these dishes didn’t get TOO dirty… it was just cold cereal. I bet I could wipe this out with my napkin, which also didn’t get much use. Ta da! Good as new! No washing, no drying, skip straight to the last step of putting away! I’m a genious!”


*Sniff* *Sniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiffffffffff*
“I don’t think this stinks too bad to wear again. Sure, I wore it Sunday night and Monday to work, but Thursday’s Thanksgiving, and Friday we’ll be at my folk’s house. I’m packin’ it.”

You see, some things in life are meant to be consumed only once.

Some are completely repulsed by the scenarios I’ve just described, while others are now noticing that people standing near them are looking at them, to which they look back blankly and ask, “what?”

You know who you are.

One thought on “The Smunday logic”

  1. You are not alone: I’ve been a Smunday-dresser for years.

    One the other hand, I won’t be attending any dinner-parties at your house…possibly ever.

    You are alone.


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