The poo


My cat, Lenny, is like a kid:

Always begging for a goodie
Behaving badly in front of company
Always wanting the attention
Self-centered about his toys

He even likes to be held like a baby.

Cats are just funny little creatures. Our cat is an inside cat. He’s only been outside one time in the 2 years we’ve owned him. He is the best inside cat I could ask for. He’s cuddly, comes when you call him, more loyal than most cats, enjoys spending time with us and doesn’t do a lot of the territorial or destructive stuff that male cats are known to do. We haven’t had many problems with hairballs with him, either. I think he hairballs maybe once every 3 or 4 months.

He does make a mess of our couches with his hair, but that’s why we have a Dyson.

A friend of mine, Max, just blogged about a his cat and the little treat his cat left for him. Apparently, his cat went out, killed a mouse, brought it back in, and left it on Max’s pillow. Anyway, it woke Max up pretty quick when he discovered it… probably something like the horror of finding a dead horse’ head in your bed… only on a much smaller scale.

So, this morning, I wake up to his whining, which is not an uncommon thing. Generally, he sits on the floor by our bed and either waits for me to get up, or cuddles up with me and falls asleep. This ritual happens anytime between 5:30-7:30 am.

This morning was different. He wasn’t in our room at all… and he wouldn’t come when I called him. Once my alarm went off, I got out of bed, went in the living room, and found him whining on the couch. It was really odd behavior for him, so I went over to pick him up and see what was the matter.

At first, he was just cuddly and loving, as always, but then I started to detect an odor… it smelled like a dirty diaper.

I thought, “oh no! Are you sick? Did you get into something bad? Why do you smell like this? Did you leave a poo somewhere?”

It would be very unusual for me to find a poo somewhere in our home, other than the cat box. Lenny has NEVER done his business anywhere but in his box.

So, I start talking to him, and he just keeps on lovin’ on me… and then I see it:

A huge 4-inch turd is stuck to his butt, hanging on by a hair. Upon more investigation, I notice there’s a mess of litter all over the utility room.

Apparently, he’d tried to do his business in the box, but his poo got stuck to him and was following him around, probably dangling and banging him in the butt as he walked around. Cursed by the lack of opposable thumbs, he was unable to do anything about it.

I like to entertain the notion that he must have known about it, been embarrassed and was trying to hide it from me. Further evidence of this is that once I found it and took care of it, he wouldn’t look at me for a little while.

Needless to say, since we don’t know when this happened or where he’s been since, we’ll be washing everything.

I’m just thankful that I didn’t have an experience like Max and find him in one of his other normal morning positions: sleeping on my pillow, just above my head, with a huge poo stuck to his butt.

2 responses to “The poo”

  1. *LAUGHS* now THAT is funny….and I just have to point out: You do realize you just admitted to cuddling with a cat that had a 4 inch turd stuck to his butt?

    I hope the first thing that you washed was….YOURSELF *grins*

  2. Oh yeah… I mean “oh, YES!”

    Ohhhh, yes! Of COURSE I washed afterwards!

    Anyone want to finish this sandwich? I’m not hungry anymore.