The kid in me

When I was a kid, I asked my dad, “can I do anything I want to when I grow up?”

After giving it a little thought, he looked at me and said, “no, not really. When you grow up, you still have to follow all the laws and rules. There are actually a lot more rules and things you have to follow because life gets so much more complicated. Taxes, fees, dues, meetings, responsibilities… I wish I could say that life gets simpler, but it really doesn’t.”

My face fell and I dreaded growing up and becoming an adult because of all of the horrible things that lay in wait for me.

Now that I’m twenty-nine, there are those responsibilities that everyone has to put up with and reasonable laws by which everyone has to abide, but the answer to my original question is now apparent: yes, you can do anything you want when you grow up.

I wasn’t interested in driving on the sidewalks or burning down cities as a kid… that’s not what I was asking about. I pretty much just wanted to know if I could stay up late, eat popcorn for dinner and drink pop at lunch. I’m allowed to play video games and watch cartoons whenever I want… that’s about all I needed to know.

Sure, there’s that whole other non-frosted shredded wheat side of me that has to be a good example for younger generations, maintain a balance between work, family and spiritual growth and manage my money, abilities, relationships and time…. but so long as I can eat ice cream or potatoe chips for dinner at 10:30pm every now and again, I’m good.

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  1. ‘s funny how complicated an adult can make a simple question. Sorry to put such a stumbling block in your growing up days.

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