The dust settles

Happy New Year!  So, now that the holidays are finally over, the decorations are pretty much put away, visiting family is over, we’re all about 15 lbs heavier, our wallets are thinner and we’ve just about caught back up on all the sleep we’ve lost from traveling and staying up late, how have you all recovered and what kind of cool loot did y’all get?

I got an electric piano, a video iPod and some really nice sets of cuff-links, along with various articles of clothing and fun little toys, including a Dwight bobble-head from “The Office” and a cape-wearing Curious George that screams when you fling him across the room.

Leave comments and let me know how your holiday went and what kind of fun toys y’all got.

2 thoughts on “The dust settles”

  1. Well…I’m a third time reader, first time poster, so wow…i am filled with all sorts of different crazy emotions right now…

    What did I get for Christmas? Money and gift cards baby…best way to go. Oh yeah, i got an electric razor and a glass coffee table from mom too…that completes my basement now. You would think that Meijer furniture is pretty crappy…but not the stuff we got baby. It’s awesome. If you go to my website you can see pictures of the townhouse basement under my downloads section.

    Christmas was good for us, but very hectic. I love living in Columbus, but at the same time once that time of year comes around where you are travelling all the time, it starts to be less desirable.

    I had a video iPod once too! They were great. But I lost interest in mine so i sold it. Too bad i didn’t know you wanted one, cuz i had the docking station and wireless transmitter for the car. i sold it cheap to get rid of it. oh well…what’s done is done. I think you’ll enjoy it. If you ever want season 5 of 24, i bought it for iPod, however i don’t own one anymore, so i can’t really use them anymore.

    Well…enough ramblings from me…i should start my own blog…i could call it…Ramblings of another lazy guy…

    peace out!

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