Is it blurry in here or is it just me?

This weekend was a totally relaxing weekend. Friday night, we celebrated my 29th birthday at a friend’s house by grilling my favorite foods (spare ribs & corn on the cob).

Saturday, we planned on going to see Over the Hedge (which was great) but decided to first go over to my firend’s house so Matthew could jump around on the trampoline.

Matthew and I jumped around and played trampoline tag and rodeo (where he rides on my back as I jump around on all fours and thoroughly wear myself out). Generally, games like that are followed by one of Matthew’s favorite phrases: “let’s do that again!”

Eventually, we stopped wearing me out and went inside. I had been wearing my RX Oakley sunglasses outside and had my regular inside glasses in my jacket pocket in a protective glasses bag.

Unfortunately, the bag isn’t quite enough to protect the glasses from an hour of jumping and tumbling on a trampoline.

As I pulled the peices of my Ray Ban glasses out of the “protective bag,” I thought to myself, “how am I going to watch the movie without glasses?”

I remembered that I still had my old pair of glasses back at home, so we stopped there to get them on our way to the theater. I planned on stopping at the Glasses Shop on the way in to work this morning, but discovered that the store wasn’t open until 9:30, which didn’t fit very well into my schedule… hence, I still haven’t had them fixed.
On top of that, I wore my RX sunglasses to drive in to work today, but Natalie needed the car, so once she dropped me off, she took off with it. So, all day today, I’ve had my RX sunglasses and my broken everyday glasses in my pocket… not a very good mix for working in a dark office with no windows.

Try getting someone to let you borrow their car to get your glasses fixed when you say, “hey, my glasses are broken and I”m blind today. Can I borrow your car to drive to the Glasses Shop and get them fixed?”

Designing blind is a difficult task. I suppose you can expect a few things from today’s product: 1.) the text on my designs is going to be huge 2.) the colors are going to be vibrant and bright 3.) the images i choose will all be close-ups 4.) the fonts will be all mis-matched.

Who knows? Maybe it’ll be great and I’ll break some ground in design that no one has explored… more likely, however is that I’ll get my glasses fixed and look back on my work from today, wishing I could just press the “unsuck” button.

Just cut me some slack if you see me walk into the ladies’ room and wander around, feeling the walls for a urinal.