Man, it’s bright today… blindingly bright. With all the snow on the ground, reflecting the sun, it’s ridiculous how much light there is out there today.

I got up today and thought, “look how nice it is out there! Maybe I ought to open the blinds and let in some of that glorious sunlight. Upon doing so, I was immediately aware of how dirty my house is.

Ever notice that? Sunlight exposes things that you wish you never saw. Suddenly I’m aware of cat hair on the couches; tiny dust particles floating in the room that I’m now certain that I’m breathing in; every speck on a glass surface is now glowing.

As I sat, staring at this phenomena, marveling at how incredible the sunlight is, three thoughts came to mind:

1.) No matter how much man tries to reproduce the power and potency of the sun, we will never be able to come close to reproducing its effects. Every feeble attempt merely illustrates how woefully inadequate and pathetic we are. Our efforts will always pale in comparison. This humbling experience slightly resembles our existence to God’s.

2.) Every speck of dust, no matter how small, not only is visible, but shines in the glory of the sun… but the sunlight is constantly moving across the room. Even as I sit here writing, it’s now in a completely different part of the room. Only those things that are within the center of the light shine. As the light moves, whatever doesn’t move with it or is left outside of its path is no longer visible and returns to insignificance.

3.) I’m disgusted with the condition of my surroundings when I let the light in. My first inclination is to shut out the light and remain in darkness so I don’t have to see the filth around me. I didn’t see it before and I was comfortable with that, but now that I’m aware of it, can I really shut out the light and pretend that it doesn’t exist? The light makes me uncomfortable and aware of things that I now either have to deal with or continually lie to myself in an attempt to convince myself they don’t exist or that there’s nothing wrong with it. I suppose the third option might be to run from the light, seeking another room that doesn’t look as dirty and just spend time there, living my life avoiding places where light is present.
Focusing on my third thought, I’m now saddled with a choice: do I shut it out and continue my life as I see fit or do I make the decision to accept the light and the things it has revealed as well as the responsibility to do something about it?

Now, in all fairness, it should be said that Natalie always keeps the house in marvelous shape and that the couches were JUST vacuumed a day ago and the house dusted.  In fact, I could wash down the table right now and the sun would still show that it was dusty.  Does that mean that I would not bother trying?  I think Paul responds to that question best in Romans 6 when he says, “by no means!”

But for real… I gotta wipe this thing down.

3 thoughts on “Sunlight”

  1. When I was a little girl, I lived in El Centro, California where it was sunny and hot most of the time. My favorite thing was to sit or nap in the sun on the floor in front of the window. One day, I noticed little specks of something floating in the air in the light of the sunbeam, but never gave it a thought. Today, I’d call it a BAAAD thing! Get that wet rag and wipe the place down, pronto!! aachoo! aachoo!

  2. I really like this analogy. I think it’s cool how God reveals himself through nature and how simple things like sun and dust can be used to make revelations like this.

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