*sigh* Okaaaay, I’ll blog

I can’t believe how many people have asked me about my blog, recently. I’m like, “Blog?”

Ok, so I’m in the tech field, I design and develop websites, but don’t know anything about blogging.

So then I get this assignment, “we’re building a community blog system. You have to design the interface.” So here I go, head-first into learning about the blogging community.

…then my sister gets a blog. Every day, she’s on IM, sending me her blog address to drive me over to her blog to read it. I’m thinking, “aren’t people supposed to just go to blogs on their own? If you solicit them, isn’t that more like… a newsgroup or something?” *shrug*

So here I am blogging. My biggest hesitation to this whole thing has been, “what do I talk about?”

My friends are like, “you’re a funny guy. You’ll come up with something. Give us a peek into ‘Paul land.’”



*sigh* but here I am: a lazy guy, blogging. Doesn’t keeping up with a blog require effort?

As a kid, I always used to instinctively have to go pee whenever effort was about to be involved… it was my body’s natural defense against work. I can only imagine the overtime my over-worked bladder is going to go into over this whole “blogging” thing.

…though I must say this: I’m not as lazy as some of those bloggers out there I’ve seen. What is with not using any capital letters? How much effort are we really avoiding here? Wow. To me, that almost seems like MORE effort to consciously not use any capital letters.

There are two kinds of people who type sans-caps: those who are ignorant to the fact that there ARE capital letters in standard English grammar, and those who are apparently just plain lazy. You know who you are.

Anyway, this is my blog… and these are my ramblings…

5 responses to “*sigh* Okaaaay, I’ll blog”

  1. yes. i am one of said guilty. i use punctuation, but no caps in my blog. ‘why?’ you ask (as it is evident i do use the shift key)…so my caps emphasize my points when i choose to really emphasize things…

    that’s why. plus, it feels more intimate when i discuss my innermost thoughts simply, as opposed to the formal–consider ‘sans caps’ my messy handwriting and consider yourself blessed that you aren’t reading/deciphering my messy handwriting. 🙂

  2. Yes. This is true. I’ve seen your handwriting. It wouldn’t matter if you used caps or lowercase… you can’t really tell the difference… I mean, considering it looks like you dot your H’s and cross your M’s.

    …come to think of it, my hand-writing is in ALL caps.

  3. Intercasing and the English language in general are mightily abused in this country, these days. But I will say that I whole-heartedly prefer all lowercase typing to ALL UPPERCASE TYPING.