Short pants

So here I am, sitting in my chair, writing in my blog as I notice my pants…. Hey! They’re too short!

I bought ’em at a cheapie store in Grand Rapids called, Steve ‘n Barry’s. I love the store cuz everything in it is like $7 or less. …but ya get what ya pay for, I guess.

One of ths shirts I bought from that store bled all over itself in the washer…. and now these jeans are too short.

I wear a 30 x 30, and I love the other pair of jeans I got from that store… also 30 x 30’s. But those fit perfectly… even have a tiny extra bit of length on ’em, just the way I like it.

So on top of these short pants, I’m wearing white socks with black leather shoes.

I’m having flashbacks of like elementary school awkard days when my mom used to dress me in matching cordoroys and knit sweaters in the days before cordoroys were cool. My pants were probably too short and dorky-lookin’ then too.

Anyway… this weekend, my sister, Ruth, visited us again. It was a rare occasion when neither her husband nor her son were with her, so my wife and I got her all to ourselves. Great fun!

We watched some Star Wars, ate things that were bad for us, shopped, bought, watched more movies, played games… it was a pretty nice weekend.

Saturday evening, we decided to “work out.”

Our family’s style of working out isn’t what most people think of when they think of a workout. For me, it’s usually airsoft… constant running and jumping for about 4 hours with 25 lbs of metal and plastic strapped to you.

For my wife and I, it usually consists of Dance Dance Revolution on the Xbox. Don’t laugh till you’ve tried it. 2 or 3 songs into it, you’ll be sweating and wishing you hadn’t been laughing. Most people won’t even try it because they think they’ll make a fool of themselves.

They do. Badly.

We’re not too great at the game, but we can hold our own on a moderate level… 45 minutes of DDR is like running 4-5 miles… it’s not a really hard workout, but it gets ya sweating and tired by the end.

So this weekend, we did some Dance Dance Revolution with my sister. Imagine spaghetti dangling wildly on a fork. That’s my sister on Dance Dance Revolution… and she’s surprisingly better than most newbs. She has more coordination than she gives herself credit.

So at the end of that, we were all sitting on the couches, tired… then Natalie decided, “let’s do the Xbox fitness workout.”

A week or so ago, I bought an Xbox workout “game” for Natalie called “Yourself Fitness” or something. Essentially, it’s a digital personal trainer who takes all your information up front, then gets an idea of your personal health goals, and creates a diet and workout plan and schedule for you. It’s a pretty ingenious use of the technology.

As you progress, it adjusts the difficulty of the workout according to how well or poorly you’re doing… by the time you’re about 3 weeks into it, you’ll be doing a workout right at your level while being ambitious enough to keep you moving forward.

It also lets you incorporate equipment you might have at home into your workout like weights, stair-steppers, etc. It’s really a good-looking exercise program.

Anyway, we did about 20 minutes of aerobics and a few strength-building exercises… it was pretty mild, so afterwards, Ruth stepped it up a few notches and showed us a few leg-strength exercises that I hadn’t seen before. We did those for a while, and I taught her how to do “real” military pushups. (Man, I’m out of shape. I used to be able to do 50-80 of those no-sweat… now I struggle to do 25.)

Ruth’s idea of military pushups are essentially “men’s pushups” but she doesn’t go all the way to the ground with her chin like she’s supposed to, so she loses about 3-4 inches on each one.

I showed her how to do it, and she went down and then back uuuuuuuuu… down.

After that, we moved on to a little weight-lifting, then cooled down and stretched.

By the end of the evening, my apartment smelled like a foot and we were all walkin’ like we’d been riding a wild horse all day.

… so back to short pants. Why are my pants short? Probably because my muscles are so huge from working out that my clothes don’t fit properly anymore.

I guess we’ll have to go shopping again this weekend.

No excuse is going to cover for the dorky white socks, though.

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  1. “Probably because my muscles are so huge from working out that my clothes don’t fit properly anymore.”

    Yeah, that’s what I’d say too.