Relearn to drive

As I was poking around some of my favorite marketing websites, I came across an old favorite:  Juxt.  These guys have been around forever.

One of the projects they are showcasing is a project they did for BMW called, “Relearn to drive.”

As is common to their caliber of work, it’s a fabulous piece.  I was immediately sucked in by the little videos they produced at the introduction.

After watching (and enjoying) each one, I hit the “Undo the damage” link which took me to what they are selling:

BMW has a performance driving school (with multiple locations around the country) where they teach people how to take full control of a car and push its performance to the limit.  In the process of learning to drive like a pro, you get to roast the tires and swing the car around wildly… every teenage male’s dream.

How much does this dream cost?  Welll, it depends on how many days you want to attend, but to enjoy the full experience, you’ll be looking at dropping around 3 G’s.

That tag comes attached to knowledge: the knowledge of how to shorten your response time, handle the car in dangerous situations and squeeze every bit of performance out of the HP the car can give.  In the process, you’ll have an immeasurable amount of fun.

Here’s the great news:  they let you drive brand new top-class BMW cars the entire time and roast as many tires as you can.

Sounds like a dream come true.  It’s an incredible product with some ingenious marketing.  Bravo, BMW & Juxt.