New and improved

About four years ago, I decided to get with the times and register my own domain name: I was all proud of myself for coming up with the idea of having a URL that had a dual meaning for the benefit of my freelance work.

It says to the client that they (you) envision their goals or their needs and I will help them acheive them. It also plays off my last name and reinforces my design and visual capabilities.
I registered my domain and secured some hosting space four years ago with the intent that I would eventually put up an online portfolio of my work. Unfortunately, when you’re busy building sites for everyone else, there isn’t any time to focus on your own work.
As the old joke goes: Who would you trust to cut your hair? The barber with the nice looking hair or the neighboring barber with a terrible haircut?

For four years, I’ve been the barber with the terrible haircut because generally, you don’t cut your own hair… or have time to build your own website.
My friend and old college roommate bugged me for months about it, asking when my new site was going to go live… it never did. The furthest I got was to design a logo… which I have always received very nice compliments over.
Two years ago, I got a phone call for a job interview, so I rushed an online portfolio together really quickly. It’s been an eye-sore these past two years and I’ve been embarrassed to point anyone to my address.

Until today.

My freelancing work has slowed down enough that I got a free weekend in. Normally, when I get some free time, the last thing I want to do is spend it working on the computer but last Thursday I woke up at 5:30am with a design in my head that I just couldn’t shake.

I waited all day and finally at 7pm, after all the dishes were washed, we sat down for a nice quiet evening to watch a movie. I opened my computer and decided to compose the thought that had come to me that morning.

The creative process flowed like water as I composed on my laptop.
Normally, I design on paper first, then pull it over, but I’d been mulling over it all day and there was no need for preliminary sketches.

Now, nearly one full week later and four years overdue yuEnvision has been launched.

It launched this morning at 1am.

It’s still in it’s beta stage and there’s a lot of work that needs to be done, but I’m a proud daddy…

…I’m going to bed now.

One response to “New and improved”

  1. Hey Paul. I looked at your website, it is the best I have ever seen. Maybe someday I will get a job and hire you to cook me up something like that.