Me and My Yard – part 3

When we first bought the house, both the front and the back yard were pretty bland; like a blank canvas.

Within the first year of owning the house, Natalie decided to take advantage of the blank canvas and spruce up the landscaping.

We first attended to the front yard: we dug up the ground in front of the house, put down the black ground-covering, shaped the terrain with a garden-hose, put in the border, planted a few bushes and flowers and mulched everything into place.

Having had very little experience in landscaping, we were both very proud of what we’d done. I even went so far as to go out and purchase some yard lights, bury the cable stake the lights and set it up on a timer.

We were sooo excited. Every evening when we’d come back, we’d see the house from afar, all lit up in the front garden. It was very inviting and made the house look beautiful.

A couple of years later, Natalie was drawing on some graph paper. I walked over and looked over her shoulder to see several organic looking shapes that she was sketching out with what looked like several bushes within the organic shapes. She was planning.

Now, when we first got married, I would flip out everytime she began doing that because I’d get all concerned about how much these little projects were going to end up costing. Over time, I came to understand that it was ok for my wife to dream and that when she was drawing out things on paper, it didn’t necessarily mean that she was really ready to do something about it.

As I looked at her drawing, I really began liking what I was seeing. She’d carved out a quarter of the back yard into a garden-spa, complete with stone walkways and a special little place for me to put my grill.

Over the next couple of days, her drawings became more and more sophisticated and she began adding color to them. She was dreaming big.

One Saturday, as she was in the kitchen sketching, I came downstairs dressed in grubbies and said, “honey, go get on some work-clothes. Let’s go to the store and pick up some yard equipment and materials and start building that backyard you’ve been planning.”

If you’ve never seen a woman’s eyes sparkle, tell her that her dreams are about to come true.

My plan was to spend some of the money that we’d been saving up to have a tree service come cut down the awful ash tree in our front yard and turn it into mulch for our backyard project. That would be like killing two birds with one stone. I’d be getting rid of a tree that was tearing up my front yard and dropping seeds/leaves all over the place while getting the mulch we needed for the back yard.

Natalie and I went to the store and purchased several rolls of ground cover, several rolls of border, picked the stone we would purchase, picked the plants that we’d put in when the project was into its final stages and planned out a schedule as to when each portion of the project would be completed so that we could schedule the tree service to come mulch the tree in the front yard.

We were off to a great start!

This concludes part 3.