Made in the USA

Ok, so I have a question:

How does the whole “generation” thing work?  I’ve always understood that I was third-generation: ie. my grandparents came over from China (gen 1), my parents were born in the US (gen 2), as was I (gen 3).

It has recently come to my attention that I am only second-generation in that the first-generation folks were my parents, since they were the first ones born in the US.

Which is it?

(Make your response good.  I’ve got $20 riding on this.  If you say ‘3rd gen,’ I’ll cut you in.)

2 responses to “Made in the USA”

  1. Bad news sport – but I may have a loophole for you.
    1st generation usually refers to the first generation BORN in the USA – making you 2nd gen.
    1st generation to LIVE in the USA would make you 3rd gen.
    So – chose your verb carefully.