Long stretch…

It has been a loooong stretch since the last time I posted.

Since the last time I posted, my sister got divorced and she and Matthew have moved in with us. You might think that would make for a pretty difficult time, but truthfully, Ruth and I get along fabulously and she and Natalie are terrific friends. There seems to be enough room for everyone, so we don’t tend to get too stir-crazy.

We have Matthew through a good portion of the week and every-other weekend, so it works out well. He is a constant joy and blessing in our home.

I’ve started playing drums at our church, at which Natalie and I recently became members. I even bought a little electric trap set so I could practice with headphones in the apartment or hook up to our surround-sound. They sound pretty good, have enough equipment to lay down some pretty good rhythms and are compact enough to quickly and easily store when not in use.

I haven’t had a lot of time to play them until recently, however. My schedule has been pretty booked for the past three months with freelance work.

I also purchased some online hosting space and have been hosting the websites for my clients as an additional little side-practice. That seems to be going pretty well… makes it easy to set up and host my own blog. 😉

Originally, I named the blog “Ramblings of a Lazy Guy” so that if I ever got away from blogging for a while, people would naturally think, “well, he’s lazy” and cut me some slack. I thought it was a stroke of genius… the problem is, the reason I haven’t been blogging is actually the exact opposite: I’ve been too blasted busy!

For those of you who have stayed with me through the long stretch, thank you. I’ll be resuming my blogging and you can look forward to some more adventures shortly about me and my yard.

For those just joining us… it’s gonna be a wild ride!