i hate today

Where to start…

I bought a new Gateway computer last year. It has about half the memory in it that I want/need, so I went online and found some memory for it on Ebay about a month ago.

I have four available slots, two of which are used up with 512 megs. I’d like to have a gig of memory, so I bought a gig stick on Ebay… hey, if a gig is good, then 1.5 gigs is better, right?

I got it home and tried to install it, only to discover that my computer requires that memory be installed in pairs… thes means that the one stick that I bought is no good by itself and I have to have another one like it.

I found that the same seller on Ebay was selling more of the same stuff, so I bought another one. Ok… so if 1.5 gigs of memory is better, 2.5 gigs of memory will be spectacular!

I got my other stick of memory only to find out that my computer is set only to allow Dual Channel memory, which means both sticks have to be exactly identical… same manufacturer, same model, same configuration… I had two gig sticks, but they weren’t by the same manufacturer, and they weren’t identical in any way.

So, I threw myself upon the mercy of the seller and asked him if I sent back my memory, would he send me back a matched pair of memory.

It’s against their policy, but he consented.

Yesterday, I got my matched pair of memory and anxiously looked forward to installing them to watch my computer become a super-hefty beast of a machine, able to leap tall buildings and conquer entire continents.

What I discovered instead was that my computer does require a matched pair of memory, but also there is one specific configuration of memory that it doesn’t support… guess what kind I got.

I thought maybe I’d try to switch it out with my computer at work, beefing up my work computer to 2 gigs and at least getting a gig of memory out of the deal for my home computer. My work computer is a Dell, and Dells seem to be able to do anything you ask them to. Turns out, my work computer takes PC4200 memory and my home computer takes PC3200 memory. They’re incompatible. You can’t fit a round peg in a square hole without a bigger hammer.

So, it looks like I’m either stuck with this memory and have to sell it on Ebay or find someone who can trade.

Frustrated over my predicament, I helped myself to some chocolate chip cookies that I brought from home…

…only to discover about an hour later that I dropped a chocolate chip on my lap which fell onto my chair and melted under my butt.

I hate today.

2 responses to “i hate today”

  1. guffawing from the other room led me to your blog to see what ooie32 was laughing so hard about…all i have to say is, i’m sorry and thank you. i was craving chocolate earlier today, but thanks to you, i lost my appetite for the melt-in-your-mouth-not-on-your-pants taste of chocolate. 😀

  2. haha, that was awesome. but thats really tough luck there with the gig problem. but i have to say i did somewhat have a smirk on my face the entire time reading. 🙂