Great is Your Faithfulness

Recently, I had the privilege of being put on the schedule at church for special music.

I decided to write something new for the team to play, hoping to tap into the creativity of each member of the team to make something great.

One of the trends in recent worship music that I’ve really been enjoying has been the updating of classic hymns.

For weeks, our worship band has been enjoying a little diddy that I came up with to play with. Originally, it started with just a jazzy bass-line that I’d play on the keyboard and one by one, each musician would join in and contribute something to it.

My hope was to build something around that little diddy, but wasn’t sure how to start.

One night after practice, I stayed late and rifled through an old hymnal, reliving my childhood in our small Bethany Baptist church in Toledo, Ohio.

One hymn that caught my eye was Great Is Thy Faithfulness; one of my favorites. I tried to retro-fit it into our little diddy, but it didn’t seem to work so I went on looking.

After a while and a few moments of prayer for direction, guidance and thanksgiving, I gave up and decided to scrap the whole “diddy” idea and start something new.

Again, my eyes fell on Great Is Thy Faithfulness. At first, I dismissed it because it was in a 3:4 time, but decided to try to fit it into a 4:4 time and slap it into a minor key.

Happy with how that seemed to work, I reworked the refrain, pulling my favorite phrases out. I also decided to integrate several of the names of God into the song since the curriculum I’ve been teaching Junior High Sunday School has been revolving around God’s greatness and the significance of each of His Hebrew names.

As I was writing the chorus and integrating the names of God into it, I was overwhelmed by His goodness and love.

When it was done, I realized that based on the new chord progression, I could re-integrate the team’s little diddy we’d been playing with.

This Sunday, our church worship team performed the song for the first time.

Here is the result:

If you decide to use the song at your church, please send me a recording of the performance.

Copyright Paul Yuen 2007

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  1. I’ve had the song running through my head since the first time I listened. What a wonderful composition! Thanks for sharing, Paul.

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