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Looking over this summer’s movie lineup, I got pretty excited.  This summer is looking like a really good one for running to the theater for some air conditioning and incidental entertainment.  The new house we’re buying is only about a half mile from the theater, which makes that even more plausible.  Here’s the lineup of movies that look interesting to me:

5/24    Pirates: At World’s End
6/8      Oceans 13
6/17    F4: Silver Surfer
6/22    Evan Almighty
6/27    Live Free or Die Hard
6/29    Ratatouille
7/4      Transformers
7/13    Harry Potter
7/27     Simpsons Movie
8/03    Borne Ultimatum
8/10    Rush Hour 3

That’s just about one good one a week, starting this Thursday.  I think it should also be noted that this is a summer for sequels.  With the exception of Ratatouille, Transformers and Simpsons, every one of those movies is a sequel.  I guess Hollywood isn’t getting any bonus points for original and fresh concepts from me this year.

You may be asking yourself, “are you going to go see every one of those movies?  That’s pretty expensive, isn’t it?”  Yes and no.  Yes, I think we’re planning on going to see every one of those movies but no, it’s not all that expensive.

For Natalie and I to go see matinée showings of all of those movies at the theater all summer long will run us a grand total of $132.  That’s about the price of going out to eat 3 or 4 times.  I think we’ll set aside some cash and make this our date night activity for the summer.

See you at the movies!

2 thoughts on “Good movies”

  1. I agree that there are some entertaining movies coming out, however the three on your list that I don’t really plan to see:

    F4 Silver Surfer (I’m still kind of torn because I always liked Silver Surfer, but F4 the first one was so terrible, I’m really doubting this is going to be good)
    Oceans 13 (completely unnecessary movie, but I could possibly be talked into seeing it if absolutely nothing else is there to see)
    Bourne Ultimatum (I’ve been so disappointed by those movies, I can’t imagine not being disappointed by this one)

  2. 5/24 Pirates: At World’s End Yes
    6/8 Oceans 13 Yes
    6/17 F4: Silver Surfer Yes
    6/22 Evan Almighty Yes
    6/27 Live Free or Die Hard Yes
    6/29 Ratatouille meh…
    7/4 Transformers Yes
    7/13 Harry Potter meh… or in Morgan’s words “completely unnecessary movie…”
    7/27 Simpsons Movie Yes
    8/03 Borne Ultimatum Yes
    8/10 Rush Hour 3 Yes

    I have my popcorn bucket

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