Fire up the FTL

My family really enjoys the Sci-Fi Channel’s Battlestar Galactica series. Every week, we eagerly check the ReplayTV lineup to see if a new episode has been recorded. We love the action, we love the story, we love the robots and the shooting and the edge-of-your-seat suspense. Everything is just so well-done in the series.

Like any science fiction show, Battlestar assumes you have some prior knowledge about science fiction. They assume you’ve seen Star Wars and Star Trek and know about light-speed. They assume you know about artificial intelligence in robots and cybornetic beings. They assume you know something about weaponry and the effect it has in outer space or on the human physiology.

Battlestar is no exception. They use a technology called “jumping,” which has something to do with “firing up the FTL drives” which enables their ships to create and hop through worm-holes in space (another assumed element of science fiction).

The first couple of times I heard the term “FTL drive” it took my brain a moment or two to figure out what they were talking about. While I love science fiction, I’m not such an avid fanboy that those kinds of terms automatically register. I actually have to figure them out. Today I realized that I was mistaken in my assumption of what FTL stood for.

Sometimes things come to you at the most odd times. As I was sittin’ on the pot, pinchin’ one off, I noticed the elastic band around my ankles with three little letters printed all around it …and it suddenly came to me: “Fire up the Fruit of the Loom drive.” THAT’S what they’ve been talking about all this time. I should have known.

4 thoughts on “Fire up the FTL”

  1. yual puen!!!! at least launch the DFO!!! (Darn Fan On!) or find me some pre-approved, pre-cut, military issue pre-fire red-head m-100 units. (otherwise known as matches….geez dude!! at least WARN someone)

  2. FTL – Far Target Locator
    FTL – Faster Than Light
    FTL – Federal Tax Lien
    FTL – Feel the Love
    FTL – Ferritin Light Chain
    FTL – Field Team Leader
    FTL – Financial Transaction Ledger
    FTL – Financial Transactions for Lawyers
    FTL – Flash Translation Layer
    FTL – Flight Telecommunications Laboratory
    FTL – Flight Time Limit
    FTL – Follow The Leader (Korn album)
    FTL – For the Ladies
    FTL – For the Lose
    FTL – For the Loss
    FTL – Forget The Law (polite form)
    FTL – Freedom to Learn (Michigan)
    FTL – Friends Turned Lovers
    FTL – Fruit of the Loom
    FTL – Full Truck Load

    …personally, i think it stands for Fury Termite Lovers…but that’s just me.

    and thanks, Paul, for the wonderful image of your wonderful bathroom visit!

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