The other day, a few of us were in a meeting and one of my co-workers brought in a box of Nabisco Tomato-Basil Wheat Thins.

In my opinion, that’s crossing the line.

I can understand Sour-cream and onion. I’m ok with Fat-free. I can even stoop to Ranch or Honey… but Tomato-Basil… now we’re introducing chicken maranades into our crackers.

Who is coming up with this stuff? Somewhere in Snack-cracker Land, there’s a lab with a bunch of reject snack flavors sitting on a shelf: Chocolate and salmon, Asparagus-Kiwi, Orange-hot mustard, Mint-Avacado, Clam-cola, Hamburger-Strawberry…. They must have figured, “people like our crackers… people like Basil with Tomato… I think we have a winner.”

No, you don’t.

Random flavors being thrown together to form a new delicacy doesn’t constitute a “winner.”

I’m going to have to try to come up with a flavor of my own to get rich off of:

Tuna Latte.

I think we have a winner.

One response to “Ewwwww”

  1. i dunno–dad’s combination of pecan pie and horseradish is doable–but not his ketchup-orange surprise (although tomato and orange are good together in a high-end gourmet soup).


    of course, you have to consider he has no operating taste buds anymore. that might have something to do with it.