Don’t you just hate that?

Last year, I bought my buddy, Morgan Foster a book called, “Don’t you just hate that?”

We used it as idea starters when we were conceptualizing the Gospelcon Trailers last year.

It’s a collection of 738 things that suck on a day to day basis; one of which is probably, “when you try to write a book with 740 things that suck and you get stuck at 738.”

I have fifteen more to add to their list that have recently happened to me:

  1. Being sick on a highly-anticipated date
  2. Your close friend at church moves away
  3. Still being sick on the last day that your friend is going to be at church
  4. A chocolate chip melts under your butt
  5. Your spoon mysteriously disappears into your huge bowl of soup between the kitchen and your desk
  6. Going to take a drink from a can of Coke and discovering that half of the can is full of ants that are now desperately crawling out of your mouth
  7. Buying a $6 bar of gourmet dark chocolate only to find that you’ve forgotten it in the car over the winter and now it’s all grey and hard
  8. Being pleasantly surprised that the digital video recorder captured a classic episode of Battlestar Galactica in a two-part series only to find out that it didn’t capture the second episode
  9. Getting to the gym and finding that the cat knocked a cat-toy into the toe of your gym-shoe
  10. Going to a business networking meeting and discovering that you’re fresh out of business cards
  11. Finding a coffee shop punch card in your wallet that’s completely full of punches from a coffee shop that just closed
  12. Buying upgrades for your hobby toys and having to send them back because they don’t fit
  13. Talking on the phone when your mobile phone rings
  14. Trying to come up with a list of fifteen items and only coming up with fourteen

I’m not makin’ this stuff up… and yeah, I’m a whiner.

3 responses to “Don’t you just hate that?”

  1. 15. having your kid sneeze gooey stuff in his hand and rub it on you before you can stop it.
    16. finding your kid’s crayons in the dryer.
    17. buying a new bottle of shampoo and having your kid use it all in the first try.
    18. having your kid discover your perfume in the closet and do ‘experiments’ with it.
    19. having to explain why you have to shine your pants…
    20. ripping your leather pants.

  2. Wow, six is amazingly disgusting, and five has totally happened to me too tons of times. The other thing that’s frustrating about that situation is you can either use the big bowls where the spoon disappears, or use the smaller bowls, in which your soup just barely fits, making it nearly impossible to carry without spilling.

  3. > 18. having your kid discover your perfume in the closet
    > and do ‘experiments’ with it.

    Isn’t that what it’s for? *grins*

    And btw, I’m personally not at ALL put out by #12 on your list. I have the feeling that my life is FAR safer because of such events 🙂