Dell Vostro 1700

<nonerd>Work bought me a new laptop.</nonerd>

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<inside processor=”2.5Ghz Dual Core 2″ hdd=”320GB” RAM=”4GB” L2_cache=”4MB” video=”256MB” bluetooth=”1″ wifi=”G” />

<outside screen=”17-inch WUXGA” annoying_glossy=”yes” optical=”DVD +- RW” USB=”4″ IEEE=”1″ bgcolor=”#000″ keyboard=”full” numberpad=”yes” camera=”1″ battery=”9-cell” />


2 responses to “Dell Vostro 1700

  1. As powerful as it is, Vista still manages to have its problems…. but, I’ve never known a machine that could virus scan, render video, play a DVD and still operate smoothly in Photoshop all at the same time.

    So far, I’ve done it just about every day this week.