Category: Ramblings of a Lazy Guy

  • Great is Your Faithfulness

    Recently, I had the privilege of being put on the schedule at church for special music. I decided to write something new for the team to play, hoping to tap into the creativity of each member of the team to make something great. One of the trends in recent worship music that I’ve really been […]

  • Me and My Car

    Last night, Natalie and I had planned to go to Menard’s to look at dehumidifiers, filters for the heater and maybe a standalone AC unit for the house. Later, we found ourselves too tired to actually make the trip.  There’s something about Menard’s that just drains our energy when we’re there.  It’s one of those […]

  • Pictures of the new house

    Here are some pictures of the new house:

  • Insult to injury

    I recently got a tax bill in the mail from the IRS. Apparently, since I run a small freelancing business, they decided to tax me heavier on the amounts I had already claimed in 2005. Eh… I can’t really blame them. I’m sure I just didn’t read the fine print closely enough when I used […]

  • A proud dad

    Once again, and just in time for Father’s Day, I’m the proud dad of another healthy bouncing baby website. We launched this one last week for a couple of wonderful people that I had dinner with back in April. They have designed and developed a product called TideMinders, a device that is placed on your […]