Category: Ramblings of a Lazy Guy

  • Weekend at the Bowden’s Cabin

    This weekend, Natalie and I spent some time up North by Traverse City in an incredible cabin. Let me first introduce you to the cast: Josh & Shelby with small son, Noah; McKeel & Angelene with small daughter, Aletheia (or “Theia” for short); Natalie and myself.  The point was to go, relax and celebrate Josh, […]

  • The Prank

    I’ve told a few people about my best prank ever: When I was in college, my roommate had gotten on my nerves one day and I thought one way to get him back would be to play a prank on him. Trawling through ideas in my brain, I settled on one: One of the joys of […]

  • Even more bad news…

    Per my previous post, I was performing a system restore for the second time on my laptop today…. it failed in the middle of the system restore and now I have a very expensive paperweight. *sigh*

  • More bad news

    This morning I got up with lots on my plate to catch up on side-work. After this week’s fiasco with my laptop, I had everything back up and running and to my liking, except I still had to install Flash and Photoshop. This morning as I booted my machine, I began installing software, but the […]

  • This week

    This week is “conference week.”  For those of you who don’t know, the company for whom I work, Gospel Communications International (GCI), puts on an annual conference.  One week in September, everyone on staff works our butts off, pulling 12-16 hour days for 4 days hosting an Internet Ministry Conference. This year’s been our biggest […]