Category: Ramblings of a Lazy Guy

  • Thanksgiving

    Every so often, Natalie and I travel to Coffeyville, KS to visit her family for a holiday. I love hanging out with my in-laws. It’s generally an all-around great time of watching movies, eating great food, shopping and engaging with lots of people. This year was pretty much the same, but 1.) it was an […]

  • Relearn to drive

    As I was poking around some of my favorite marketing websites, I came across an old favorite:  Juxt.  These guys have been around forever. One of the projects they are showcasing is a project they did for BMW called, “Relearn to drive.” As is common to their caliber of work, it’s a fabulous piece.  I […]

  • Not a great morning

    So this morning is Thursday morning… which for me means that I get up at 6:00am and go to my BNI meeting. Normally, I have a bit of a hard time getting up early in the morning on Thursdays but today I was excited to go to my meeting because I had some really quality […]

  • Fear

    Some time ago, I heard the question, “what would you do if you knew you couldn’t fail?” I asked the question on my Facebook account and have received several interesting answers…. …but it begs the next question: what is it that you WANT to do that you AREN’T, due to fear? Fear is crippling and […]

  • The Office

    Did you see it tonight? “Gimme a break, Gimme a break…break me off a piece of that Apple Sauce.” I thought I was gonna die.