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  • The piano

    I’ve been shopping for a piano for several months now. I’d really like to get my hands on a 4’11” baby grand piano but everything I’ve been seeing is SO incredibly expensive. You can get a decent used baby grand from most places for around $5000, but then you’ve got to pay about $500 to […]

  • i had a accident.

    The weather is terrible. We’ve been having the kind of weather that strikes fear in your heart when you look out the window and see completely white-out conditions with gails of wind and branches of trees snapping off due to the weight of the snow and the freezing temperatures.This isn’t winter. This is more like […]

  • Alien Strom

    I just got this in an email from Nintendo a few minutes ago: It’s an advertisement for an old Sega Genesis game called, “Alien Storm.” Strom… Storm… we know what they meant. It’s ok, Nintendo. It’s a Friday afternoon on the weekend before Christmas. We still love you.

  • Sore throat

    This morning I woke up with a sore throat. Really sore. Dang. I haven’t been sick in better than a year. Usually, I get sick about once or twice a year and get a cough that lasts about 3 months but ever since I started taking Juice Plus, I’ve been healthy. When we went to […]

  • Question

    If a bird-call is the sound a bird makes, what’s a booty-call?