Category: Ramblings of a Lazy Guy

  • The van ride

    I recently went on a Mens’ Retreat with our church. My friend, Jim, and I made the mistake of taking the van there and back. 1.) We rode the church van to the Men’s Retreat. On that particular ride, Jim and I chose our seating arrangement poorly and sat directly behind two gentlemen who decided […]

  • Happy Boss’s Day!

    So today is Boss’s Day, thanks to Hallmark.  Everyone knows that you want to keep your boss happy.  Today happens to be my boss’s birthday as well… …and by “boss,” I mean wife. Happy Birthday, Natalie!  Thanks for sharing this last 1/3 of your life with me! May this year be filled with purple, blessing […]

  • 18

    So a few weeks ago, I went to the video game store at the mall and they were having a big sale on software.  I selected several games (war, flying, fighting, racing, etc) and went to the counter to purchase them. The employee began to scan my purchases and asked, casually, “Is your mom here […]

  • Emerging from the fog

    Today was dad’s surgery to remove his cancer. We went to the hospital at 6:00 this morning, much to my dismay (I hate early mornings), and waited around for about 2 hours before they finally admitted him and started making movements to get him into surgery. I guess the rest of that time was spent […]

  • a gift-wrapped slap in the face

    Why am I depressed? Today is my dad’s birthday. Happy birthday, dad. His cancer came back… We all just found out today. Happy birthday, dad.