Ah… the busi-ness.

June is unbelievable… and it’s JUST starting.

Let’s see… three weeks ago, I was getting slammed with side-work.

The day after I finished my project, I left for my buddy’s bachelor party, which, being the best-man, I had to plan. That went well. We did the dinner thing, embarrassed him in public, played some airsoft in the evening, rode jet-ski’s on the lake (Sand Lake), and threw a football around.

Being around men for a weekend reminds me how awkward it feels. I just don’t naturally go in for the bathroom jokes, the bare-butts, and all the noise and grunting.

I’m not good with a football and generally find it difficult to relate to those that are.

I planned, led the evening time of prayer, encouragement and edification of the bachelor, cooked breakfast for the boys, and cleaned up after their mess.

…but we had a great time. …and I got to shoot them with an MP5-A4, command a squad, use my night-vision, and managed to gain tactical advantage on a couple of trained guys who were an ex-marine and a state trooper a couple of times. Good challenge. These guys were good.

The day I got back from the party, Natalie’s parents showed up to stay for a week. Ruth and Matthew were also visiting for the weekend.

It was a full house and our time together was precious.

Mini-golf, games, eating out, lots of great food by Natalie’s hands, and plenty of laughter. It’s the best time I’ve spent with her parents.

Thursday night, we went to Grand Rapids to see the Petra exhibit. I decided to treat everyone to the exhibit and also decided I’d take in as much as I possibly could.

Well… that didn’t go as well as I’d hoped.

Here’s what I got:

Petra was a city….someplace. It was built out of rock. They etched the buildings into the side of the rock… most of which I think were tombs. The people rode camels cuz horses die in the desert…I guess. Their main industry was spice-trading… sorta like Han Solo, except they didn’t use space ships, they used camels. Each camel, loaded with spice, was worth, in todays currency, $4000. They caravanned the spice on 2500 camels. They dealt primarily with Frankenscence (an embalming spice for dead people), the same kind of stuff that was given to Christ as a baby. Somewhere along the course of history, there was an earthquake. The date was May 19th, some year. (I only know the date because it’s my birthday.) The rise of Christianity, along with the expansion of trade routes, brought Petra to an economic decline (Christianity influenced people to stop ancestor worship, which negated the need for the spice). When the earthquake hit on May 19th, some year, Petra was too poor to rebuild… and so their city fell into ruin. I think there were 3 major earthquakes on that day. There was also a fire that caused some big white pot to shatter. A bunch of people found the peices and put the pot back together so they could put it in a museum so I could walk by and look at it centuries later. The white pot is big and has panthers on either side. It’s neat. The end.

Basically, that’s what I got out of 3 hours of reading plaques, looking at big white pots, and watching their little movies on huge screens. I gotta say, it was $12 well-spent. I want to go again, but bring someone with more knowledge to paste together the missing peices in my mind, since I have very little frame of reference to hang any of this stuff on.

History/Social studies is really not my bag. I have a terrible memory for dates, names, events, and chronology of events. Ironically, I can, however, tell you that Moses and Noah look the same. I don’t know why.

Following the Petra exhibit, I took “the folks” out to BD Mongolian BBQ in Grand Rapids. Good times for all. I love how I can mix together anything I want and it ends up tasting fabulous. I swear those guys at the grill throwing away what I bring up to them and swapping it out for a chopped-up gourmet hamburger when I’m not looking… cuz man, it always tastes so good. Who woulda thought that Itallian sauce with Cajun powder, beet juice, raw egg, avacado, vinegar, and mustard powder, all sprinkled over squid bits, steak, and lamb liver would taste so dang good?

So this week, I’ve already picked up and finished another side job, and yesterday afternoon, our youth pastor asked me to work on a video with him for VBS.

I gotta say, I’m happy with how it turned out on a day’s notice:

Click here to view the VBS video

Tonight we have dinner with some people I don’t know and tomorrow I believe we’re going to be going to a co-worker’s for dinner.

This weekend is my buddy’s wedding, at which I will be the best man. I still have to figure out what I’m going to say at his reception.

The following weekend, we have friends coming to visit, after that, we’re visiting my parents in Toledo, and after that, more friends coming to visit.

Busy? Yes. Complaining? No.

Live life. Invest in people. Praise God.

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