Month: June 2006

  • The Recliner

    Last week we got all moved in to the new place. It’s weird. Our friends, Peter and Jessica, used to live here… and now all our stuff is where their stuff used to be. Yesterday, I tied a rope to the garbage can lid in the garage so I could open it without having to […]

  • goodbye

    Sunday, June 18th marked the 10th anniversary. I still remember the phone call. I’d just gotten home from a grueling day at the factory, putting toys in cereal boxes. I was tired, dirty and smelled like Cheerios. There had been several phone messages waiting for me from his uncle. I called back and heard the […]

  • Voice Mail

    I noticed today that I had a voice mail on my phone. I never check my messages at work. Mostly, this is due to the fact that my phone rings about once every 2 months. If people at work want to get a hold of me, they usually email or IM me. Because of this, […]