Month: May 2006

  • New stuff

    “Hey, Paul. What’s new?” 1.) Car Natalie and I have been down to one car for the past 18 months. At first, that arrangement was fine. She’d get up early in the morning and take me to work, run her errands during the day and come pick me up afterwards. Recently, however, with all the […]

  • Is it blurry in here or is it just me?

    This weekend was a totally relaxing weekend. Friday night, we celebrated my 29th birthday at a friend’s house by grilling my favorite foods (spare ribs & corn on the cob). Saturday, we planned on going to see Over the Hedge (which was great) but decided to first go over to my firend’s house so Matthew […]

  • New and improved

    About four years ago, I decided to get with the times and register my own domain name: I was all proud of myself for coming up with the idea of having a URL that had a dual meaning for the benefit of my freelance work. It says to the client that they (you) envision […]

  • Don’t you just hate that?

    Last year, I bought my buddy, Morgan Foster a book called, “Don’t you just hate that?” We used it as idea starters when we were conceptualizing the Gospelcon Trailers last year. It’s a collection of 738 things that suck on a day to day basis; one of which is probably, “when you try to write […]

  • Date Night

    Saturday was date night. I took Natalie out with some friends for a night on the town in Grand Rapids. We started the evening with dinner at The 1913 Room at the Grand Plaza Hotel. Talk about classy! We had two waiters, two waiter-assistants and a butler. Frankly, I’m just not used to that kind […]