Month: April 2006

  • Thumbs-up

    In college, I was introduced to a little game that people play before meals: it’s the “Thumbs-Up” game that determins who’s going to get stuck and have to pray for the meal. Here’s how to play: you sit down with a group of people at a table, about to eat. Everyone looks around the table […]

  • i hate today

    Where to start… I bought a new Gateway computer last year. It has about half the memory in it that I want/need, so I went online and found some memory for it on Ebay about a month ago. I have four available slots, two of which are used up with 512 megs. I’d like to […]

  • Tape deck for sale.

    Today was a ridiculous day. It started on Sunday when I got a phone call between church services from a frantic, frustrated sister telling me that she needed a ride to the second service because her green 1995 Grand Am wouldn’t start. “Apparently, something seems to be wrong with the fuel pump… on top of […]