Month: March 2006

  • Me and My Yard – part 4

    Before reading on, be sure to read part 3. Natalie and I put down the garden hose in the back yard, according to her drawings and began digging up the grass. My neighbor had a compost bin and graciously agreed to allow us to put the pulled-up grass in the bin. Digging up grass with […]

  • Me and My Yard – part 3

    When we first bought the house, both the front and the back yard were pretty bland; like a blank canvas. Within the first year of owning the house, Natalie decided to take advantage of the blank canvas and spruce up the landscaping. We first attended to the front yard: we dug up the ground in […]

  • Context is everything

    My nephew, Matthew, has recently been enamoured with a computer game called Lego Rock Raiders. It’s one of those “build an empire and send people out to do your bidding” types of resource-management games. At first, he just liked it because it’s Lego, but then he started playing it and has gotten really good over […]

  • Long stretch…

    It has been a loooong stretch since the last time I posted. Since the last time I posted, my sister got divorced and she and Matthew have moved in with us. You might think that would make for a pretty difficult time, but truthfully, Ruth and I get along fabulously and she and Natalie are […]