Month: July 2005

  • Me and my Yard – part 2

    Before reading on, be sure to read part 1. The next thing on my list of yard chores that day was the trimming. Previously that week, I had gone online and researched string-trimmers. I found that one of the best electric string trimmers was a fairly inexpensive model that I could get at my local […]

  • Me and my Yard – part 1

    People have asked why I haven’t blogged about my adventures with my yard. Well, now that we’re in an apartment, I don’t have a yard. …however, the stories of my yard are quite good and worthy of mentioning in my ramblings. So I give you, “Me and my Yard.” My neighbors must have really enjoyed […]

  • New Gospelcon Trailer

    I just finished the latest Gospelcon 2005 Conference Trailer. Morgan and I concepted it. He’s the one in the driver’s seat in the video. View it here. I’m going to be really sad when the conference is over and I have to stop making trailers.