Month: April 2005

  • Army of one

    I was chatting with my wife yesterday and we started talking about Moses… ya know… the guy with the white beard from the Bible. He was the one with the staff, wearing a robe. Had sandals. Ring a bell? I can’t really give you a straight story of what he did because as many times […]

  • Short pants

    So here I am, sitting in my chair, writing in my blog as I notice my pants…. Hey! They’re too short! I bought ’em at a cheapie store in Grand Rapids called, Steve ‘n Barry’s. I love the store cuz everything in it is like $7 or less. …but ya get what ya pay for, […]

  • The rock

    This past weekend, we went to visit my sister and her family to celebrate my father and nephew’s birthdays. While we were there, I went out with my brother-in-law to watch them play airsoft (I didn’t want to play and get all dirty since we were going out to eat that evening to a nice […]

  • Ewwwww

    The other day, a few of us were in a meeting and one of my co-workers brought in a box of Nabisco Tomato-Basil Wheat Thins. In my opinion, that’s crossing the line. I can understand Sour-cream and onion. I’m ok with Fat-free. I can even stoop to Ranch or Honey… but Tomato-Basil… now we’re introducing […]

  • Mini Golf, Go-karts and airsoft… ahhhhhh.

    Good stuff this weekend. My sister and nephew visited us Thursday-Saturday. Friday night we went to the local Craig’s Cruisers, a family-fun center with video games, mini-golf, and go-karts. It was all fun ‘n games till my sister told me the score. I was in SECOND place… the competitive nature in me took over and […]