Lately, I’ve been getting crushed with side-work. Freelancing is great, but sometimes it just feels like I can’t breathe.

Yesterday, I got commissioned to do a job for GM. I got the necessary files last night at 8:30. Turn-around time 8am this morning. Full animation, heavy custom text effects, and a new music score. So let’s put it all out on the table: I love tight deadlines. I love creative freedom working from someone else’s design with just enough to spring-board me into some great ideas. The final product came out fantastic. I have to say animation and sound-wise, it’s probably one of my best peices. I finished up last night at 3:30am and dragged myself out of bed and into work today.

Fortunately, today’s not a very tough day. I’m doing some new mock-ups for this year’s upcoming conference website. No biggie. After that, it’ll be smooth sailing with some simple mind-numbing HTML stuff here at GCI. Ahhhhh.


…as most freelance projects go, this one had a couple hiccups. My client is presenting proof-of-concept this afternoon and got some “great” ideas that he wanted me to implement quickly.

Ok, 1.) I don’t like touching freelance stuff at work. He knows that. 2.) I really hate when clients get half-baked ideas that aren’t well thought-out and want me to “quickly implement” them.

The guy’s team has to leave at 11 to present. His team’s idea wasn’t going to make or break the project and really wasn’t adding anything good to the overall layout. In fact, it was distracting. I hated it.

…but the customer’s always right. So I whipped it up in 10 minutes, shipped it off within deadline, and off he went to his meeting, dumb idea and all.

Eh… it’s a work in progress.

I have a different project due Friday that I haven’t started yet and on top of that, I just got an RFQ on something else.

The extra green is good… a while back, I figured I’d start raising my prices to let some of the bottom-feeders detatch and give me some more breathing room… but instead, I’ve just been getting busier.

*shrug* Praise God for the extra income. He always knows when we need/will be needing it.

…now if I can just get my clients to consistently pay me.

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  1. A few years ago, I was swimming in freelance work. I raised my prices in order to cut down on the ankle-biter jobs. Soon after that, most of my sources dried up. I miss the money, but I’m very grateful. I would rather spend time with my kids.